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Plumbers in the developed world are required to undertake jobs only which they are fully qualified to do. For example, many plumbing and heating courses now include gas training which means that your plumber could carry out tasks in your home or office which are covered under the skill-set they hold. Many plumbers out there do not realize they could significantly upgrade their profits by undertaking a gas course to compliment their skills in heating and plumbing.

As heating and gas are dangerous aspects of home repair to be around, the pay structure you offer will change. Usually in business it is great to have a niche, but being only a plumber or only a heating specialist blocks out the avenues which could lead to more work. Your niche as a plumber has now just been extended to being able to carry out gas and heating supply jobs too.

Obviously there are courses and qualifications to complete first before you can undertake any work. Plumbing and heating courses are thriving at the moment and there seems to be a wealth of choice. Becoming a plumber is almost guaranteed to be a job for life. Businesses come and go, but there is always need for a plumber. Especially one which can carry out gas and heating jobs too.

Having a gas certificate as well as plumbing and heating, shows prospective clients that you are fully prepared in case any else in the building needs attention. This spread of experience and skills will no doubt bring in more work, but it will also make people refer others in need to you.

Having commercial and residential gas skills means you can really take on almost any job. What is vital to keep an eye on is the regulations for your country. In the UK, the Corgi register changes their regulations quite often, which causes many plumbers/gas workers to have to re-evaluate their direction or take more courses to keep in tandem with the legal regulations.

Taking re-training courses in an area you are very familiar with may seem like an annoyance, but it keeps you up to date with the ever changing rules. It also keeps your mind fresh with the areas you are already familiar with which means, you could take a course on teaching the skill, which would then be slightly easier than doing the job yourself as you become older and want to slow down the hectic life of being a plumber.

Who knows, in the future plumbing might have a full overhaul in the way it is taught and how areas are designed, such as pipework. This could have a huge affect on the industry, but what the governments say, you must do to ensure your job and livelihood stays intact.

So depending on whether you are looking to start as a plumber, but incorporate other areas such as gas and heating into your cache of expertise, or you are re-training, there are many training courses which are perfect.

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