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How to become a plumber

Whether you are an academic or a very hands on type of worker, many are looking at how to train to become a plumber. There has always been a shortage of the skill and it is a job which will always be in demand therefore it can be a very good industry to get into. Many people spend thousands going to college to obtain a degree, yet others become plumbers, which is a shorter course and you come out with an hourly wage those college goers struggle to find straight away.

Being a plumber is a very rewarding job. Jobs come to you as people are desperate to have their pipes fixed. You get paid for making the customer feel relief and practicing your experience.

Here are 10 reasons why to train to become a plumber:

• Being a plumber is one of the up and coming trades which always has a demand and with very little supply, jobs will be in abundance. Many people see it as a job for life and when you have a family depending on a regular monthly wage, this is the best gift you can give them.

• Plumbers are one of the highest paid of contractors in the building industry. Once you become a plumber you can expect your hourly wage to be around the £25 mark. Once you become more experienced and hold a master’s plumbing license that figure can double quite easily.

• If you work for a company or are looking for a company to employ you, the plumbing industry is competitive therefore companies are forced to offer exceptional benefits to entice you towards their company. This is fantastic news for plumbers as you have the power and the pick of the bunch. There is the option of joining a union and being one of the elite group of plumbers.

• The great thing about the training a plumber has to encounter is it is usually an apprenticeship which means you get paid whilst you learn. You may be eligible for college credit from some employers, therefore it is good practice to find this out for an added benefit. Having hands on experience and being paid for it is very rare in most other professions.

• Whether the economy takes a nose dive, plumbers will always be in demand. There are very few layoffs in the plumbing industry.

• You don’t just stop there once you are a fully qualified plumber. You start as an apprentice, obtain a license, gain more experience, become a master license holder, you can take a course and train others and start your own firm.

• You get job satisfaction from knowing you have helped people in their homes or hospitals from closing a sector of the building.

• You have a craft which receives recognition by all.

• In the construction industry, you can make friends and regular clients from performing a good job. This is excellent if you run your own plumbing business.

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