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Learn Plumbing, Get first hand knowledge on how plumbing & heating systems work with step-by-step lessons to follow on video. This Tutorial is designed to give you a good understanding in all areas of plumbing whether you are a total beginner or someone with basic knowledge of plumbing. No previous experience is necessary and using this online plumbing course, you will be able to undertake even the most complex plumbing projects.


Saturday February 24, 2018
So you want to become a plumber?  Excellent choice!  People who go into the plumbing industry will always have work and plenty of it.  Plumbers are always needed and on a wide variety of levels and industries.

You might only think of the plumber that comes to your house when the sink stops working, but on top of fixing some of the more common residential issues that you might be familiar with, plumbers also install and repair waste systems for commercial and industrial clients.

In order to become a professional plumber you will need to go through official training and licensing in order to work as a plumber.  Getting hired means proving that you can back up your skills and getting good training can help you to prove that you are the person to hire.

Training can include not only the mechanics of putting plumbing together and learning how systems work, but also reading blueprints, and basic construction processes.  Getting the right training is imperative for getting the right job and making your choice of profession a success. See Basic Plumbing Courses Online


The programme consists of the following modules:

You will learn all the basics about plumbing as well as advanced skills to become a plumber. With our Online plumbing courses video, you will be studying at NVQ Level (National Vocational Qualification). You get to plan your own schedule and learn at your own time.  This helps you to create the career of your dreams and keep the control on how you learn plumbing. The online video course includes the following chapters;

  1. Tools Required
  2. Joining methods & soldering
  3. Installation of Toilet
  4. Installation of bath
  5. Installation of washbasin
  6. Installations of taps and wastes
  7. Dealing with radiators
  8. Wastes systems
  9. How a water system works
  10. Draining and refilling
  11. Towel warmers
  12. Thermostatic radiator valves
  • Price £25.00
  • Available to view online only
  • No DVD will be sent




We will teach you all you need to know to become a Plumber. Through this plumbing and central heating program you will learn everything to pass your exams, and start your new career.  The simple to use training format insures that you will be able to gain everything you need to find the success in your new plumbing career.

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  • Very Easy to follow live personal demonstrations with full commentary
  • Gives you step by step tuition
  • Will teach you how to solder copper joints, use compression fitting & plastic push fits
  • Learn about boiler fitting and radiator installation
  • Will teach you how to install baths, wash basins, toilets, sinks etc

Being a plumber is an exciting job with a lucrative future.  This is one area of the job market that always has growth, potential, and success.  As a plumber you will have the choice of working on your own and starting your own business, becoming involved with a successful company, or being an independent contractor and working with several organizations at the same time.

Plumbing Courses

How to become a Plumber

We offer plumbing and heating courses online for you to study part time or at your own convenience. The Online plumbing courses video can be viewed instantly online. This is available for anyone anywhere in the world to watch. Including the UK, from London, Manchester and Birmingham. The online plumbing course covers basic and advanced techniques, which can help you identify skills needed on how to become a plumber. Using these basic plumbing principals can prepare you for the real world of plumbing and eventually, nurture your profession as a plumber.
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